“Elanna is full of a contagious energy that makes beginning a journey to great health easy and fun. Because Elanna’s personality is so supportive and inviting I’ve been able to share quickly with her my personal struggles and confidential issues. Elanna has helped me to diversify my palette of food options and is a walking encyclopedia for my day to day questions about supplements, dietary options, and theories on best practices in health. Not only this, but she has provided an abundance of moral support as I experiment with what she has taught me are my “primary foods”: healthy relationships, exercise, fulfilling my career goals, and my spiritual practice. This past fall I challenged myself with her  February 4-day cleanse which proved to be an amazing way to jump start my way into healthier eating after a summer of cookouts and pizza.  I continue to grow every day thanks to her persistent and thoughtful advice and support.  I highly recommend her as a health  coach.” -Jackie Cantwell, Creator of Curating for a Cause

“This year will be two years since you became my health coach. At first I did it to support my friend on an amazing adventure of leaving corporate America and pursuing her dream. I admire the guts and courage it took to take such a leap of faith, but it was clearly worth it as I feel you have found your passion. I’m so excited for your new adventure and the people that don’t even know yet how much you will help them. So I didn’t want to just help you, I wanted to take my health to the next level. I’ve always been active and ate pretty well, yet I felt like I was stuck. We talked about goals and the little steps to take to reach each one. I began to tweak my eating, add more and new veggies and super foods. I started actually reading labels and to understand what I was putting not only into my body but on my body. Switching from lotion to coconut oil not only for its amazing benefits but also for it not having the insane toxins that lotions are made with. I began to really focus on yoga to help increase my spiritual awareness, reduce anxiety and stress and since then have continued my practice and it has become a true passion. I didn’t make any huge changes, but all the little ones you helped me with have given my life the balance I didn’t know I was looking for and missing! My eye doctor said my vision actually has gotten better and gave me a new lower prescription contacts. He said its due to a healthier lifestyle. I was ecstatic. I knew even more so what we were doing was working. This isn’t just about healthy food either. It’s a total well rounded experience full of spiritual awareness, physical awareness, mental awareness, relationship building and strengthening and getting in touch with your inner self, full of passions that you can only find when you focus on it and with help from you it has been an amazing and challenging experience. So I just want to say thank you.” -Jessica Hightower

“Elanna has been a brilliant health coach for me! While helping me reach my goals, Elanna has helped me to see my health in a much more holistic way. While initially looking for some accountability for losing a bit of weight, I found a coach in every sense of the word. Elanna has taught me to set goals, look at my health in more than one aspect, and how to take care of myself. She has been positive and encouraging and completely thorough. Her professionalism is second to none. She follows up each phone consultation with an email detailing the conversation and any further research she has done. I have learned so much from Elanna and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about improving his or her health and quality of life.” -Chrissy Kelley 

“I highly recommend Elanna as a health coach.  Her knowledge and willingness to help others achieve health is astounding.  I have participated in several cleanses Elanna has designed, and throughout the cleansing process Elanna was extremely supportive and encouraging.  She truly celebrated my success.  Elanna’s health coaching work provides clear direction for those wishing to improve their health.  Thank you for your amazing job Elanna!”  -Waverly Davis