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My Go-To Travel Snacks

Being healthy on the go is a skill. An acquired skill. It took me many trips, business and pleasure alike, to really catch the hang of it. There are SO many variables involved that make it really hard to generalize the art of healthy travel. You’ve got airport restaurants and convenient stores, hotels, cafeterias, transportation limitations, and the list goes on. That’s why its such a challenge where one could easily be tempted to throw their hands up in defeat at a Bojangles while layover-ing in Charlotte (not this health angel though ;-)). I’m going to give you my list of go-to’s to keep you on track throughout your journey to prevent any junk-food acts of desperation.

This week I am doing some freelance work out of town and refuse to buy multiple $10-$20 meals that I don’t really know what they contain or how they’ve been prepared. In an effort to stay healthy and thrifty while on the job, I hit up the local grocery store for some lunch and snack options that are low-maintenance and doable for this specific trip. Below is a list of things I usually pick up or pack when I know options will be limited:

• Apples
• Baby carrots
• Avocados
• Nuts & Seeds
• Granola
• Nut butter (look for packets)
• Bars (the ones with whole ingredients you can pronounce)

There are many other options depending on the circumstances but this is my essential hit list. These  items are great to have on hand to supplement or serve as small meals when the pickin’s are slim. Because I knew I would have access to a microwave, (even though they are evil and zap food’s energy!) this time I picked up some soup and spinach to throw in there too. Although I didn’t have a bowl (note the coffee cup) and got lucky with a spoon, I still made a healthy lunch happen to keep my physical and mental state steady for a long day’s work.

Your body is your temple and only you can control what you put in it regardless of your geographical location. Hopefully this gives you some inspiration on how to prep and get creative on your quest to stay healthy while traveling!