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I don’t believe in counting calories, eating for ‘points’, or focusing too hard on any quantitative data around health for weight loss. However, in this technological age it would be ignorant not to agree that new apps, websites, and gadgets, have SERIOUSLY increased everyone’s health mojo.

Having tools at your fingertips (literally) help to make staying on your health game easy, cheap, and convenient. And where those words once described the advantages of fast food, now fit the description of monitoring, meeting, and exceeding your health goals by using technology. Pepper in some friendly competition by comparing your progress with others, and you’ve got the motivation factor covered.

Below are some of the tools I personally use or know people who have had major success with. They cover fitness, food, spirituality, education, and even an app with brain games (bye bye Candy Crush). You may already use some of these apps but haven’t used them to your healthiest advantage…


Yelp! I’m constantly using Yelp to find healthy restaurants or grocery stores no matter where I am. You can enter food allergies or diet type and are given a list of options with price range and distance to help you narrow down your choice. A must-have for travelers!
Clean Plates: If you live in NYC, LA, or Austin this site/app only features healthy options.
Whole Foods Market: Cooking in? This recipe app lets you select ingredients to find recipes you can make with what you have on hand.
YouTube: So many options. Workouts, meditations, cooking demos & recipes, nutritional advice, and beyond. Tip: find a few favorites and subscribe for email alerts.
Crunch & Crunch Live: Access amazing group fitness classes right in your living room or hotel room. As a member of this gym I also use their app to find new classes, reserve my spot, and check in.
GAIAM TV: Explore channels like Yoga, Health & Longevity, and Spiritual Growth to feed your body and mind on your own time.
Lumosity: This site and app created by neuroscientists keeps your brain smart with games that improve your mental sharpness, attention, and memory. The health of your brain is extremely important and needs to be worked out just like your body!
Calm: An app that provides you the perfect way to zen out on the go. With a menu full of meditations and soothing sounds, you can manage stress and center whether you’re at your desk or on the subway.
Nudge: Do you use a fit bit? Track your food? Water too? Nudge will combine all your tracking madness in one app that scores your health. The score, or “The Nudge Factor” rates how healthy you’re living from 1-110. This could be helpful in continuously improving and not getting satisfied simply with a daily target of steps, water, or calories.
Spotify: Just like a teacher can make the class, music can make the workout. The site/app has tons of curated-for-you playlists that can get you through any sweat session. Need some white noise or peaceful tunes? They’ve got you covered there too.


Fitbit/Jawbone/Misfit: Activity and sleep trackers that are normally bracelet style and have an accompanying app that you also can track food and
weight. These have changed lifestyles. I know friends and family who were once sedentary go from ‘getting in their steps’ to running in long distance races. A rare micromanaging tool I can get behind since it’s been a catalyst to so much more. Perfect if you are just starting out on a health/fitness journey.
GOOD head phones: Whether you’re jamming out on the treadmill or trying to gain peace during a mid-(work)day meditation, good headphones can make the difference. Get a pair that stay in, are super comfortable, and keep outside noise to a minimum. Bose QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones are where its at.


Do you use technology to stay active, eat clean, sleep deep, and get zen?
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