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6 Reasons to Give Up Sugar

I really don’t love using the scare-tactic when it comes to helping others to live well, but sugar is SO bad that I’ll do it with no shame. As an ex-addict I can tell you the only reason I’ve been able to stay off the ‘juice’ is because I’ve realized that it absolutely does all of the following things to our bodies and emotional well being. I now experience fewer colds, my moods are stable, I’ve lost stubborn weight, and overall, feel freaking fantastic. Cutting sugar is one of the most drastic things I’ve done to take my health to the next level, but it’s also been the most impactful. Check out some scary side-effects & facts that finally gave me reason to quit.

1. It intensifies anxiety.
I say ‘intensify’ in place of ‘give’ because we all have anxiety on some level. The conversation has thankfully become less hush-hush but we need to start talking about how we can manage it, sans prescription.

2. It makes you gain weight.
Sugar when not used as energy is converted to fat. So that Twizzlers package that says “A Fat-Free Food!” is complete bull in reality.

3. It kills your mouth game.
Not only will sugar ruin your teeth and 100-watt smile, but it will also give you bad breath. Sugar increases bacteria in your mouth and erodes tooth enamel.

4. It messes with your hormones.
Which means it effects/intensifies PMS symptoms, mood swings, infertility, energy levels, and so much more.

5. It’s not food.
Ever notice that on a food label there is not DV% (daily value) listed? Yeah, that’s because you don’t need added sugar to survive.

6. It makes you age
by damaging and lowering collagen- that stuff that keeps your skin supple and wrinkle-free. And that’s just the visible sign- so many age related diseases have been linked to sugar consumption that it warrants it’s own post.

Want to know how to crush that sweet tooth? 6 TIPS are coming your way next!
Have you yourself given up sugar? What made you quit and what can you share with others about your experience? Let’s talk about it!

Tame Sugar Cravings by Balancing your Body’s pH

You may not have thought about the pH scale since biology class dipping test strips in soda, coffee, and the like. As it turns out, that lesson is actually applicable to your life outside of the classroom! We all know sugar has addictive properties so it’s no wonder that eating it only makes us want more. Let’s talk about one of the scientific reasons behind this connection and explore ways to break out of the cycle. Sugar is one of the most acid forming foods that you can eat and the acidic state it creates in your body is partly responsible for leaving you wanting more. Having a more alkaline, balanced pH is vital to your health because it enables all of your cells, organs, and systems to function at maximum performance. If you struggle with sugar addiction, this could be your entrance onto the road to recovery.

One way to alkalize your system is to get moving! Your cardiovascular system helps regulate many body components including its acidity levels. Taking deep breaths also aids in removing excess acid from the system through the release of carbon dioxide. Make sure to get a good dose of fresh air and exercise for a non-edible way to help balance your system.

Adding more fermented foods and beverages to your diet is also a great way to level your pH as well as assist in digestion and nourish the gut – another culprit for sugar cravings when not functioning properly. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is actually acidic; however, as it reacts in your body it becomes alkaline, similar to lemons.  This increasingly popular drink is now bottled and even comes flavored for those who don’t like its natural, sometimes bitter flavor.  Other great fermented food options include kefir, a fermented milk drink; kimchi, Korea’s national dish of seasoned fermented vegetables; and sauerkraut, fermented cabbage most popular on hot dogs at the ballpark. Experiment by adding these into your diet (in moderation) and see how you feel. Pay attention to your energy levels, digestion, and of course, sugar cravings.

Dark leafy greens are pretty much the key to optimum health all around so it’s no surprise they are extremely alkalizing to boot. Getting your ‘five a day’ and sticking to a clean diet is your sure fire way to maintain good pH balance and keep those pesky sugar at bay. Sugar addiction can’t be cured in a day so do your best and be proud that you are taking yet another step in the right direction!