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Could Your Meals Use a Makeover?


Do you find yourself eating for comfort or making the same staple dishes over and over again? Well if TLC and Food Network ever had a sitcom-child it would be “What Not to Eat”. Imagine pantry clean-out scenes with minute rice and ranch dressing flying into the trashcan. The food victim would then be educated by natural food chefs, taken on a tour of Whole Foods, and given boku bucks to blow on quinoa and goji berries. But since I have yet to be recruited to start this show, let me give you 6 steps to update your plate.


Throw away the food that is not flattering for any human such as; processed grains, packaged snacks, sugary treats, etc. and replace with healthy alternatives! Food staples like whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, spices, and wholesome condiments will make curating a healthy plate a snap.


Jazz up your meal by using fun tools like a spiralizer for zucchini pasta, a peeler for carrot ribbons, a grater for lemon zest on your salmon, or a mandolin slicer for baking sweet potato chips! A dish with fun textures is more visually appealing which makes eating it that much more satisfying. Even functional pieces like a salad spinner, food processor, and an immersion blender can make smart cooking look and feel effortless.


Get adventurous and try new vegetables and fruits as they come into season. Having more colors on your plate means you’re getting a wider spectrum of nutrients (i.e. orange foods have high beta carotene). By doing this you’ll avoid the monochromatic white meal, which is definitely a healthy “Don’t”. Execute this tip by including 2-3 veggies per meal as a rule of thumb and get creative with your combos!

4. SWITCH UP YOUR STYLE (Cooking Methods)

Try to use more than one cooking method per meal to keep it fresh and widen your options. Select from steaming, sautéing, baking, broiling, grilling, boiling, roasting, raw, frozen, or chilled depending on the season or the “it” method of the moment. I think we all can agree that roasted veggies are killing it on menus this season.

5. SPICE IT UP (Seasonings)

There’s nothing like the perfect herb or spice to turn a drab dish into a fierce crowd pleaser. Spices also come in handy post-cooking allowing you to style a classic dish many ways throughout the week. My favorite way to do this is by making a pot of plain brown rice and pairing it with combos like; cinnamon and almond milk for breakfast, shoyu and an egg for fried rice, or cumin with black beans for a side dish.


Having healthy foods prepped for the week is a no-fail way to stay nourished despite any hectic schedule. By having big batches of soups, whole grains, and beans already made in addition to prepped salad greens, vegetables, and fruit, you have no excuse for resorting to take-out or frozen dinners. Make this tip even easier by stocking up on high quality tools like a good knife, cutting boards, and glass storage containers that keep the food fresher, longer.

And that’s a wrap! All you need to know to revamp your meals into a healthier, flawless version of your daily dining experience. Because yes darling, saying “I just threw this together” never could be so true. Now get into that kitchen and MAKE IT WORK! (Tim Gun voice)

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