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6 Tips to Give Up Sugar

1. EAT.
Make meals a priority and don’t let yourself get hungry. When you’re hangry and desperate, packaged snacks are quick, cheap, and usually full of sugar. Plan ahead and pack nuts, an apple, avocado, anything healthy that could tide you over.

2. ADD Fermented Foods into Your Diet.
Sugar puts our bodies in an acidic state that cries out for MORE sugar. Fermented foods ALKALIZE our bodies restoring balance and kills the strong cravings. Kombucha, miso, sauerkraut, fermented veggies, kimchi, and pickles are all fermented items you can incorporate into your diet.

3. Be a Detective. Sugar is in so many foods that you wouldn’t expect so it’s important to be an avid label reader. This is a personality trait of a healthy person and is a habit that you can start today! Things like ketchup, tomato sauce, dips, peanut butter, dressings, energy bars, and marinades are foods that usually have unsuspected added sugar.

4. “ Out of Sight, Out of Mind”.
This tip is simple: don’t buy it. When it’s in the house it calls out to be eaten. If it’s not there, you can’t have it. So at work kindly ask the token candy-bowl-keepers to place their stash under wraps to help you out.

5. Eat Healthy Fats.
When I upped the avocado, olive oil, nuts, and coconut oil in my diet, I noticed I was more satisfied after each meal and I stopped craving something sweet afterwards. These are not the fats that make you gain, these are the ones that make your skin glow, waist shrink, hair shine, and control your sweet tooth.

*Coconut oil is used as instant energy by your body because it’s made up of medium-chain-triglycerides (same as sugar) that your liver processes right away without the insulin spike/crash. So if you’re reaching for sugar to get a boost, try 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil instead. Put it in a smoothie or eat it right out of the jar with a spoon! BONUS: coconut oil is also linked to weight loss especially in the belly area.

6. Choose Quality over Quantity.
OK, so you’re having an attack. You Must. Have. Sweet. Now. What do you do? Reach for a high quality, naturally sweetened treat. Near a health food store? Even better. Choosing naturally sweetened items that use raw honey, maple syrup, agave, etc. is better than something with the refined white stuff.

As always, the important thing is about making the best choice in any situation you’re put in. If you often find yourself craving sweets, the first step is to admit you’re addicted (kidding… maybe), and the second step is to get prepared. Preparation is THE key. Put the tips above into practice to give yourself a fighting chance against free donuts and birthday sheet cakes at the office.

Here are a few swap ideas to get you started on your sugar-free journey! Do you crave….
Gummy/fruity candy? Pick up pints of berries and grapes.
Ice Cream? Freeze bananas and whip em in the blender w almond milk and PB!
Chocolate? Make this recipe with 3 ingredients.
Cake? Try these fruit sweetened brownies 

More sugar-free recipes are coming your way! Please share any of your favorites below 

6 Reasons to Give Up Sugar

I really don’t love using the scare-tactic when it comes to helping others to live well, but sugar is SO bad that I’ll do it with no shame. As an ex-addict I can tell you the only reason I’ve been able to stay off the ‘juice’ is because I’ve realized that it absolutely does all of the following things to our bodies and emotional well being. I now experience fewer colds, my moods are stable, I’ve lost stubborn weight, and overall, feel freaking fantastic. Cutting sugar is one of the most drastic things I’ve done to take my health to the next level, but it’s also been the most impactful. Check out some scary side-effects & facts that finally gave me reason to quit.

1. It intensifies anxiety.
I say ‘intensify’ in place of ‘give’ because we all have anxiety on some level. The conversation has thankfully become less hush-hush but we need to start talking about how we can manage it, sans prescription.

2. It makes you gain weight.
Sugar when not used as energy is converted to fat. So that Twizzlers package that says “A Fat-Free Food!” is complete bull in reality.

3. It kills your mouth game.
Not only will sugar ruin your teeth and 100-watt smile, but it will also give you bad breath. Sugar increases bacteria in your mouth and erodes tooth enamel.

4. It messes with your hormones.
Which means it effects/intensifies PMS symptoms, mood swings, infertility, energy levels, and so much more.

5. It’s not food.
Ever notice that on a food label there is not DV% (daily value) listed? Yeah, that’s because you don’t need added sugar to survive.

6. It makes you age
by damaging and lowering collagen- that stuff that keeps your skin supple and wrinkle-free. And that’s just the visible sign- so many age related diseases have been linked to sugar consumption that it warrants it’s own post.

Want to know how to crush that sweet tooth? 6 TIPS are coming your way next!
Have you yourself given up sugar? What made you quit and what can you share with others about your experience? Let’s talk about it!

Zenberry Superfood Protein Mix

When it comes to eating a healthy diet, quality is key. Eating pure, whole foods without chemicals, pesticides, or unnecessary fillers is essential to maintaining vibrant health. However, in today’s world it can be hard to find products that fit this description.

I have partnered with Zenberry to bring you and all my clients the very best superfoods protein drink mix that supplies the highest quality nutrition in a delicious, convenient shake. With 4 decadent flavors, it has never been easier or more delicious to fuel yourself throughout the day.

Because there is a wide selection of products out there that have similar health claims, I want to tell you why I am so passionate about adding Zenberry to my offerings:

  • All ingredients are raw, vegan, organic/wild-crafted, and non-GMO
  • Zenberry is a whole food product, not a supplement
  • No artificial ingredients, fillers, or added sugar, no soy
  • Handcrafted in small batches by the founders themselves
  • It tastes amazing and real
  • There is even one healthy mocha cappuccino breakfast formula with real organic espresso beans and hidden healthy vegetables!

Each blend delivers an abundance of nutrition with superfoods like maca, cacao, mesquite, and sea vegetables that are not always included in our day-to-day diet but provide huge benefits to our health. In addition, there is:

  • Probiotics: to support your gut health by adding good bacteria that aid digestion, reduce bloating, enhance your immune system, and support regularity.
  • Enzymes: to further assist digestion allowing you to breakdown foods more efficiently and absorb maximum nutrition.
  • Supergreens: including dehydrated vegetables, algae, and other aquatic vegetables to deliver minerals and dense nutrition that alkalize your body.
  • Plant Protein: such as sprouted brown rice or a blend of raw cranberry, pea, and hemp to deliver a complete amino acid profile.
  • Superantioxidants: such as raw cacao, raw espresso beans, superberries and superfruit and potent spices like raw vanilla bean, and chai spices depending on the formula.

If you are looking to increase your health, Zenberry is the easiest and most delicious way to accomplish this goal. Whether you are interested in improving your gut health, loosing weight, fueling/recovering from your workouts, or adding more anti-inflammatory foods to your diet, I truly stand behind and recommend adding Zenberry to your daily routine and am preparing some special coaching programs including Zenberry to help you get into shape in the new year.

Check it out HERE!