Is the Detox/Re-tox Cycle the New Crash Diet?

You go on bender. Out during the week for dinners and Happy Hour finger food capped by a weekend of boozy brunches and birthday celebrations that involve shots and a post-sunrise bedtime. Sunday evening rolls around and you’re feeling it. The late night pizza indigestion AND the alcohol blues.

“Ugh, I need to detox this week”

Ok- maybe this is extreme for some, but you get where I’m going. Have you ever turned to the salvation idea of ‘detoxing’ to offset some self-inflicted toxing? Something like plans of multiple green juices, gym sessions, and how you’re going to ‘make up’ for overindulging just to do it all over again the next week?

De-tox, re-tox, de-tox, re-tox… 

While detoxing is a regular function your body can and does naturally perform, this extreme cycle that is gaining popularity is anything but natural and not a healthy habit. It’s similar to crash dieting which can lead to heart damage in the long run and heart palpitations, a weakened immune system, and wacked out metabolism for those doing it on monthly+ basis. Not to mention nutrient deficiency depending on your detox method of choice.

This post is not to get on the ‘Balance’ soap-box but rather bring to light the glorification of using fasts/detoxing for the purpose of correcting unhealthy habits. Yes, having nutrient dense foods and drinks will help you feel better after a night out, but it's not a cure-all and becomes a problem when the cycle becomes a habit. Not to mention the undertone of self-punishment by ways of restriction doesn't support a healthy relationship with food. 

Singing on Sunday aint gonna save your soul just like one juice fast won’t turn Mylie Cyrus into Fullyraw Kristina.  TWEET IT!

Ready for this curve ball? I DO believe in occasional gentle detoxing.  And just like my stance on how one way of eating is not right for everyone, the same goes for detoxing in terms of what type and how often one should do one.

In this day and age we are all exposed to pollution and toxins through the air, water, processed foods, and even from chemical cleaning products and commercial beauty products. No matter how clean you eat, there’s no getting around some exposure. By giving your digestive system and detox organs a break, you allow your body to address extra waste that has been piling up. And because spring is the season that our bodies NATURALLY kick into detox-mode, I think it's the perfect time to help Mother Nature along with a whole-food gentle detox. 

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Posted on April 24, 2015 .