6 Reasons to Give Up Sugar

I really don’t love using the scare-tactic when it comes to helping others to live well, but sugar is SO bad that I’ll do it with no shame. As an ex-addict I can tell you the only reason I’ve been able to stay off the ‘juice’ is because I’ve realized that it absolutely does all of the following things to our bodies and emotional well being. I now experience fewer colds, my moods are stable, I’ve lost stubborn weight, and overall, feel freaking fantastic. Cutting sugar is one of the most drastic things I’ve done to take my health to the next level, but it’s also been the most impactful. Check out some scary side-effects & facts that finally gave me reason to quit.

1. It intensifies anxiety.
I say ‘intensify’ in place of ‘give’ because we all have anxiety on some level. The conversation has thankfully become less hush-hush but we need to start talking about how we can manage it, sans prescription.

2. It makes you gain weight.
Sugar when not used as energy is converted to fat. So that Twizzlers package that says “A Fat-Free Food!” is complete bull in reality.

3. It kills your mouth game.
Not only will sugar ruin your teeth and 100-watt smile, but it will also give you bad breath. Sugar increases bacteria in your mouth and erodes tooth enamel.

4. It messes with your hormones.
Which means it effects/intensifies PMS symptoms, mood swings, infertility, energy levels, and so much more.

5. It’s not food.
Ever notice that on a food label there is not DV% (daily value) listed? Yeah, that’s because you don’t need added sugar to survive.

6. It makes you age
by damaging and lowering collagen- that stuff that keeps your skin supple and wrinkle-free. And that’s just the visible sign- so many age related diseases have been linked to sugar consumption that it warrants it’s own post.

Want to know how to crush that sweet tooth? 6 TIPS are coming your way next!
Have you yourself given up sugar? What made you quit and what can you share with others about your experience? Let’s talk about it!