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You've Got the Power (dun, dun, dun, dun, dun)

About 6 years ago I watched ‘The Secret’ and was pretty into it. Making vision boards with magazine cutouts seemed like a fun activity for a girls (wine) night in. I would say this is how I was first introduced to the power of our thoughts and affirmations.

Fast forward to the booming entrance of Pinterest. Like most other gals, I spent hours looking through pictures and creating my own boards of recipes, clothes, DIY ideas, and inspiring quotes. The image to the left is your run of the mill ‘pursue your dreams’ message and has been spun in many words, a million different ways. I decided to print this out and pinned it to a corkboard with a single fake diamond earing. At the time I had just moved to DC, begrudgingly working as a government contractor, and just overall in a funky place.

I hung the frame across from my bed, not on purpose, but it just worked design-wise. During that year in DC I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, got out of a relationship, decided I wanted to move to New York, applied, landed a new job, and made the move 2 weeks later.

The new job was great and Brooklyn life was a blast. Again, I hung my corkboard with the original printout in front of my bed. At work, I was surrounded by like-minded coworkers in the way of health and wellness and learned about some amazing leaders in the industry. The inspiration around me combined with a position change made me realize that I wasn’t up for the 9-5 life anymore. So naturally I emailed HR, met with them that day, and a new journey had begun.

Reflecting on my life in the presence of the words above, there is no way I could ignore the uncanny fact that I have subconsciously or consciously taken each word to heart and acted on almost every suggestion. This image was in my face every night and each morning. No, I did not read it word for word like a daily prayer, however, it was there. I knew the message and it was in my face all the time as a reminder that “THIS IS YOUR LIFE” and only I could change it. Therefore, I take it as just one example out of many that make me a believer in the power of thought, intention, and positive thinking. Thank you, Pinterest, the author of those words, and you, for reading. 

FACTS: I did quit my job when I wasn’t happy-twice, I am now doing what I love and it is my passion, also trying to share it as much as possible (this site!). I no longer have cable, definitely appreciate every bite, talk to strangers, and create whenever possible. Also going to Mexico for 15 days…tomorrow!

REALIZATION: Your thoughts are SO powerful and only YOU control them. Knowing this alone is so empowering. The concept can seem simple and could be easily dismissed- don’t do this. Take advantage of this free tool and use it to better yourself, your community, and the world.

SUGGESTION: Surround yourself with images, words, mantras, people, environments, etc. that are in line with where you want to be and what you want for your life. Get clear, know what you want, and think about it-often.

You have more power than you know! I hope that this post made you more of a believer and brings about positive shifts that open up every possibility waiting for you.