Are Your Emotional Drains Clogged?

A few years ago I heard renowned Ayurvedic physician, John Douillard speak about faucets and drains in relation to our lymphatic, digestive, and other excretory systems. He explained how when our faucets are not flowing and properly draining, the backup causes internal havoc like a depressed immune system, high cholesterol, and disease. In short: keep all your pipes running.

Although we could continue on that topic for days, I really want to put it into relation with our emotions and human expression. I first thought about this concept or connection after watching a singer-songwriter perform in a small New York bar and was moved by the massive expression he was releasing. It was like I could physically feel it.  The passion and emotion conveyed was obvious I couldn’t help but think, “that must be so healthy” and I wanted in!

Then Dr. Douillard popped into my head- If we experience physical repercussions from dysfunctional body drainage, there has to be emotional damage from lack of expressional outlets too. Think of the saying “don’t bottle it up” referring to holding emotion in. This brings on stress which is equally impactful on our health. And since we are not all natural performers, here are some other ways we can open our emotional/expressional nozzles without a stage- although stepping out of your comfort zone in any way is a release!

• Journaling
Write it out! An underrated channel that is SO very helpful. Need a place to start? Check out Morning Pages.
• Talking
Being open, exchanging, and sharing authentically with those you love and trust.
Everyone is an artist! Don’t fight me on this one. What do you like to CREATE? Do that.
• Sing in the shower! Dance on the couch!
Drop your ego and give me 10min of un-judged expression (sergeant voice)! Let. It. Out.

How do YOU open your emotional faucets?

Could a ‘back up’ be affecting your life?  [TWEET ME!] 

                         -MUSIC-                                    -DANCE-                          -TALK/LISTEN-                     -JOURNAL-                                -ART-

                         -MUSIC-                                    -DANCE-                          -TALK/LISTEN-                     -JOURNAL-                                -ART-

Share what you do in the comments below or try choosing a suggestion from the list above to integrate into your routine. Play around and find what your individual style of expression is. If it makes you feel good and results in a feeling of release, you’re on the right track.

Off to blast some N.W.A. – Express Yourself! :-P

xo E